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Church Denies Communion To Child

Seven year old Denum Ellarby has been denied his first communion because he has Down Syndrome.  His parents have received a letter from the Diocese of Leeds telling them that Denum lacks the “concentration” they deem necessary to prepare for communion.  Apparently you can only have communion when you “take part in the Church’s life and understand the Church’s faith”.  So much for compassion.  Remember when the rubber bracelets became so popular a few years ago – the ones with WWJD on them?  What Would Jesus Do – certainly not this.  Jesus loves everyone, especially those who aren’t perfect.  But the Catholic Church certainly doesn’t.

Disgusting that the Catholic Church will protect its child molesters but deny communion to a little boy because he isn’t perfect.


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One thought on “Church Denies Communion To Child

  1. That’s a shame for sure. If they’re going to give communion to everyone then they should not have denied the boy communion because he has down syndrome.

    The Catholic Church is in error anyways by giving all communion (wafers & wine) The Lord’s Supper as Baptist call communion, is reserved only for members only, adults and young people, rarely a young child.

    I wonder if Father Illo agrees with this other Catholic Church in discriminating.

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